Best Baby High Chair Booster Seats | Reviews & Recommendations

Busy Moms! In value of your time I have brought you list of Best High Chair Booster Seat for your baby in 2021. The well researched high chair booster recommendation list with detailed buyers guide is worth of every minute you spend for you baby.

Babies imitate their parents and try to replicate exactly the same what they see their parents doing. It may be walking, talking, eating, and drinking and so on. Apart from walking and talking, the part of self-feeding is full of fun and fuss.

Therefore, parents need to pay extra attention to their babies when it comes to self-feeding or eating solid food. They should teach their babies the etiquette of eating meal by making them sit at the dining table and dine together.

In fact, our traditional chairs don’t help babies to reach the dining table because they are low, wide and less safe. So, the babies need additional height and safety to reach the dining table. Luckily, that vacuum is filled by high chair booster seats. They are height-adjustable, safe, secure, easy to clean and tailor-made for the babies.

In addition to sitting with you at the dining table, your babies can also enjoy watching their favorite animated programs, play with favorite toys and relish your company while securing the booster seat. However, searching and selecting the best baby high chair booster seats might be a headache for many.

You come across various baby high seats on the market with multiple features and price-ranges. The more you search, the more you get confused. Scroll down to hit at best moms choice high chair booster seats reviews.

6 Best High Chair Booster Seats  2021 | Detailed Researched High Chair Booster Seats List

If you have made your mind to purchase a booster seat for your baby, check out the following list of our best recommended booster seats:

Image Product Rating Price
Ingenuity SmartClean Ingenuity SmartClean


Check Price
Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Pink Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat, Pink


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Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, Grey Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, Grey


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Fisher-Price SpaceSaver Fisher-Price SpaceSaver


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Bumbo Multi Seat, Converts Into Booster Seat Bumbo Multi Seat, Converts Into Booster Seat


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OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Gray OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Gray


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Imitation is the process through which babies learn how to speak, stand up, walk, eat, and react in certain situations. But when this process, either inadvertently or willingly, is not supported by parents, the learning pace of babies gets slowed. Consequently, babies lag behind in almost everything.

However, the process of learning the way of eating solid food is even more difficult for babies. They cannot, on their own, eat sold food instantly; they take morsels, chew them and poke them after a while. Therefore, it is imperative for the parents to sit beside their babies and teach them how to swallow solid food after chewing. For teaching the babies how to eat food, it is necessary to make them sit beside you on the dining tables.

You don’t need to make the babies sit directly on the dining tables; you need to arrange such chairs as offer your babies enough height to reach the dining tables.

Fortunately, you can easily get highchairs or height booster seats on the market. They are very useful and safe for the babies. They offer enough safety, comfort and convenience while having food. Moreover, some highchair and booster seats are equipped with additional dish wash safe trays which offer the babies a variety of dishes at hand.

1.Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat

Wonderful, wipe-able and washable Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat comes with height-adjust ability support, removable foam insert and removable harness straps. Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat - Slate, Easy-Open Box

It is lightweight and height-adjustable. Its liner is easy to remove. It comes in slate color.
Standout features:

Standout Features of Ingenuity

In regards to major features, as mentioned below, it is one of the best choices

A).  Superior Design

Its glossy design and slate color make it a perfect choice for your baby. It features a set of three point harness straps to keep your baby safe and secure. Moreover, it also has a foam harness that provides complete comfort to squirmiest babies. Lastly, its straps are machine washable.

B). Highly Durable

The durability of a product depends on the material used to manufacture it, and the way it’s used. The Ingenuity products are known for quality and durability, and this booster seat is no exception.

Though it is plastic manufactured, it can face the messiest babies with ease. No matter how hard it is pressed, kicked or dropped by your baby, it holds ground proudly. In terms of durability, it earns 5 out of 5 stars.

C). Convenience & Comfort

Ingenuity SmartClean Toddler Booster Seat is equally convenient for babies and parents. It comes with a foam insert and, therefore, eases your baby’s sitting and leaning postures.

Other than that, it supports height-adjust-ability so that your baby can reach the dining table comfortably. For parents, it is easy to clean, fold, carry along. Moreover, it needs small space of your vehicle or home closet to store.

D). Safety Guaranteed

It ensures safety of your baby with the help of washable harness straps. As a parent all you need to do is fasten this booster seat on the high chair with its additional straps first, and then harness your toddler on the seat with a set of three harness straps.

  • Slick and simple design with slate color.
  • A set of three harness straps make it quite secure.
  • It has foam insert.
  • Wipe-able seat and washable straps ensure hygiene.
  • Ensures height adjust-ability and durability.
  • Wayward foam insert might cause inconvenience at times.
  • Not suitable for large babies.
Positive Feedback of the Users
From 2563 customer ratings, this product has received 77% FIVE out of FIVE STARS and 14% FOUR out of FIVE stars.

The users have shown great trust in this product owing to its aforesaid standout features.

Final Words

It’s recommended for those parents who don’t compromise on quality, durability, hygiene, safety and comfort of their little ones.

2. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

This height-adjustable and portable booster seat offers a variety of valuable features. You can use it as a booster seat for small babies or a traditional chair for the large ones.

It can easily be attached to any of the dining or kitchen chairs with its criss-cross straps. Furthermore, this fold-able booster seat comes with dishwasher safe feeding tray. Its snap on lid ensures the cleanliness of feeding tray.

Whereas, its feeding tray has a cup holder cut out to adjust any juice or water-filled cup/glass.

However, the coolest feature of this booster seat is that you can adjust it to any one of the three positions as your baby needs. Moreover, you can easily remove the tray when your child is not eating. Lastly, it has no crevices. Thus, it prevents the buildup of crumbs and food.

Standout Features

Following are the standout features

a). Design:

This booster seat has been designed with the view to ensuring safety, quality, height adjust ability, compactness, storage, portability and an array of features. It is equally useful as a booster seat and a traditional seat.

b). Durability:

Fisher-Price products are durable, sturdy and safe and this booster seat is one of them. Though it’s manufactured with plastic, it can bear the weight of your baby and its food easily. Moreover, its easy-to-clean feature and snap on lid enhances its durability.

c). Convenience:

Your baby will not get irritated as long as it is enjoying delicious meal. Although, it does not come with cushion, it keeps your baby calm and relaxed. Moreover, it is very easy to clean, carry and store. Therefore, most of the parents love this product.

d). Safety:

When it comes to the most important factor—safety, this booster seat fixes perfectly on any of the chairs. Moreover, its straps harness your baby in a proper manner so that it may not fall down. Apart from the safety of your baby, you can keep this product safe. All you need to do is to remove its removable parts (tray and back), fold it and store it.

  • Ensures height adjust ability—three different height positions.
  • Comes with dishwasher safe feeding tray.
  • Features sippy cup holder cut out.
  • No crevices, means no crumbs.
  • Wipe-able, Portable, fold able and easy to store.
  • It lacks cushy seat because that might be hard to clean.
  • Its tray is a bit shallow but can accommodate enough food.
Positive Feedback
Out of 1557 customer ratings, Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat has earned 86% positive feedback. So, it shows that the users are quite satisfied with this product.

Final Words

It’s recommended for the parents who want a booster that can be used for a long period of time.

3. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, Grey

Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat is an ideal product for your baby. With its easy set-up, compact fold and convenient carry straps, it motivates you to take it anywhere you go with your baby. Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat, Grey

Moreover, it features three height adjustments, three tray positions and a three point harness. All these features make sure that your baby is comfortable and safe enough to enjoy its meal.

Other than that, it comes with sturdy metal legs that are supported by anti-slip, non-marking and rubberized feet. These legs are designed to ensure height adjust ability.

Its removable tray, wide seat and harness straps make it a worthwhile booster seat. However, the highlight feature is that you can either use it as a tiny traditional chair with metal legs or a booster seat with folded or unfolded legs.

Standout features of Chicco

Following are the main features of Chico mini, that makes it a special choice

a). Design

It has been manufactured with plastic except the legs. On the whole, its design looks amazing. It has a removable tray attached to the arms of the chair. It has two external straps for fastening it on the high chair and a set of three harness straps for the baby. Moreover, it can be used as a booster seat and a traditional chair with the help of its metal legs.

Note: Whenever you want to fix it on the chair, you need a chair that should be 14 inches wide, 14 inches deep and 12 inches high backrest.

b). Durability:

In terms of durability, Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat doesn’t lag behind. What makes it durable is its ability to fold and store. Moreover, it is manufactured with quality plastic material that can easily bear the burden of your baby.

NOTE:  However, the manufacturer recommends 50 pounds or 22.67 kg weight.

c). Convenience:

Despite its plastic body, it ensures enough comfort and relaxation to the body of your baby. When you attach it with the high chair, it doesn’t wave on the wiggles. Conversely, it stays static and firm on the chair. Moreover, it’s very convenient for the parents as well. Because, it is easy to set-up, fold, carry on the back, store in the closet and wipe with a soak cloth and a mild soap.

d). Safety:

As we have mentioned above that whenever you fix this booster seat on high chairs, it fits firmly over there with the help of fastening straps. Moreover, a set of three harness straps holds your baby tight enough to avoid falling down. Other than that, when you unfold its metal legs, they fix firmly on the surface of the chair or floor. On the whole, this booster chair ensures complete safety of your baby.

  • Easy to set-up, fold, clean and store; ideal for traveling parents.
  • Comes with three height adjustments, three tray positions and a three-point harness.
  • Features metal legs that are further assisted by anti-slip, non-marking and rubberized feet.
  • Stays firm on the high table.
  • Ensures safety and comfort of your baby.
  • No cushion for the seat but still comfortable.
  • Not suitable for kids weighing more than 50 pounds.
Positive Feedback
Out of 1888 customer ratings, this product has managed to gain 69% positive reviews.

Final Words

It’s highly recommended for travel-loving and out-going parents. This booster seat can be folded and stored in your vehicle. Moreover, it synchronizes well with multiple chairs that you come across on your tour.

4. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Multicolor

Another Fisher-Price product that has met our criteria is SpaceSaver High Chair. It is a versatile high chair that comes with multiple features. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Multicolor Its highlight feature being its space-saving capability; it can fit well on the chairs that are slightly larger than this one.

Coupled with that, it acts as a full-sized high chair for infants and as a booster for toddlers—two options in one. It comes with two easily customizable height adjustments and three recline positions to offer your baby extra height and leaning privileges.

Moreover, it has dishwasher safe seat, a large-cum-deep tray to prevent the food from falling off the tray, and an additional tray insert so that you can keep it clean after use.

Last but not the least it comes with machine washable seat pad/cover and a set of 5 point harness. The washable seat pad is comfortable for your baby and the 5 point harness is sure to keep your baby safe and secure.

Standout Features

Following are the main features of  Fisher price that make it a superb choice of our list

a). Design:

This chair has been designed to consume less space be it dining room, your kitchen or any other place. It comes with adjustable straps, a removable tray, a bonus tray insert, a removable seat pad and removable backrest. Moreover, it acts as a high chair and a booster. So, it depends on you that how you would like to use it for your baby.

b). Durability:

Fisher-Price products are known for their durability; this product is also one of them. It is made of plastic material but can manage the burden above 50 pounds. Moreover, its removable parts can be cleaned and stored that makes it more durable.

c). Convenience

For Babies: It is convenient in the way that it comes with a fabric cushy seat pad to offer comfort while sitting on it. Moreover, its height adjust ability and 5 point harness provide easy access to the dining table and safety to your kid. Whereas, the deep and large tray prevents the food from falling off.

For Parents: It is convenient in the sense that it is washable (seat pad and straps), easily fixable and less space consuming. However, it is least portable.

d). Safety:

In terms of safety, this high seat is equipped with 5 point harness—the first of this kind in our list. On the one hand, it adjusts properly on the multiple chairs with its washable straps. And on the other hand, it keeps your baby safe and secure with the help of 5 point harness.

  • It consumes less space.
  • Can be used as a high chair and a booster.
  • Customizable height adjust ability, 3 recline positions, 5 point harness.
  • Removable deep tray and a bonus tray insert.
  • Comes with dishwasher safe and machine washable seat cover.
  • Not easy to carry along.
  • Only suitable for chair.
Positive Feedback
Out of 990 customer ratings, this product has got 83% positive feedback.

Final Words

It’s recommended for the parents who want to purchase a versatile product that can be used as a high chair and a booster.

5. Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat, Cool Grey

This multi-purpose seat promotes three different developmental stages.

a). Floor Play: Your infant plays on the floor like the original baby bumbo. The seat is great for floor time; it is semi supported with a soft foam cushion. Bumbo B11119 Multi Seat, Cool Grey So, it will work for your little one as long as he is starting to sit unassisted. At that stage, baby improves fine motor skills.

b). Safe self-feeding: You can use it on the floor and offer your baby some solid food to enjoy. Its removable tray is perfect for little fingers and foods.

Its three point safety harness makes sure that your baby hasn’t squirmed out, and two different securing straps keep it safe on any chair.

c). Dining with parents: This bumbo can be transitioned from floor to the booster seat at the dining table. You can simply remove its foam insert and adjust the height as needed for your baby. After you place it on high chair, fasten two sided straps and forget about the safety.
Standout features:

d). Design: This multi seat has been designed to fulfill multiple needs of growing children. It offers more legroom, height adjust-ability and safety. You can use it as a baby bumbo, a high chair or a booster. It comes with removable tray that is stored in the back of the seat. As soon as your infant grows, you can remove the soft foam pad of its seat. You can easily detach and store its tray after use. It supports two height adjustment settings to adjust small babies and toddlers.

e). Durability: Though it looks little plastic seat, it is very handy one. You can use it for different purposes as discussed above. You can carry it, wipe it, and place it on the floor, on the high chair and store it for many months.

f). Convenience: It is equally convenient for small babies and toddlers. It comes with foam based seat that doesn’t irritate your child. Its harness straps are soft and bearable.

Moreover, it offers considerable legroom so that your baby can fell less squeezed. Parents can easily clean it with a damp cloth and mild soap. Moreover, it is lightweight, so can be carried and stored anywhere you want.

g). Safety: Whether your baby is on the floor or on the high chair, it guarantees the safety of your baby. Its three point harness offers enough safety and security. Moreover, its attachment straps ensure the safety of this multi seat when placed on any high chair. You can stow away the buckles of the attachment straps.

  • Multi-purpose seat; can be used as a bumbo, a high chair or a booster.
  • Promotes three developmental stages—floor play, self-feeding and dining with parents.
  • Portable, wipe-able and non-slippery.
  • Enough legroom. Three point harness and attachment straps make it safe and secure.
  • Not suitable for big babies. Its tray needs careful use.
Positive Feedback
Out of 1959 customer ratings, this multi-purpose seat has gathered 83% positive feedback.

Final Words

It’s recommended for those parents who want to purchase one product that can cater the needs of a bumbo, a high chair or a booster.

6. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Gray

OXO Tot Perch Booster is a perfect addition to your home furniture. It easily adjusts to the high seat and boosts its height to a level where your tot can reach the dining table comfortably. OXO Tot Perch Booster Seat with Straps, Gray

It comes with a set of 3 point harness to secure your baby, and additional straps to secure the booster itself when placed on the high chair. However, you can remove these straps or store them underneath cushion when you feel that they are no long required.

Other than that, this booster seat is fold able; it folds easily with the push of a button. Moreover, it is portable that is what makes it ideal for traveling and storage.

Lastly, its seat is foam based and is wipe-able with soaked cloth and mild detergent. It sticks to the surface owing to its non-skid feet. More significantly, it is manufactured with PVC, BPA and Phthalate free material.

Standout features

Below we have mentioned the main features;

a). Design: It has been designed to keep your little one safe and secure on the high chair. With the ability to adjust height, it proves to be convenient for the baby.

While, with its ability to fold from the backrest, you can carry it along or store it in the closet. Moreover, its foam based seat comes in various colors to add to its beauty.

b). Durability: It is made of PVC, BPA and Phthalate free material, significantly plastic, which can hold considerable weight roughly, about 70 pounds. Moreover, it can last for longer period if taken care of. You can clean it with soaked cloth and mild soap after use. Coupled with that, you also can fold it, carry it and store it so that it may not get damaged.

c). Convenience: Its seat is foam based and is comfortable for the soft and delicate skin of the babies. Your tot will not feel irritated as long as he is harnessed with its 3 point harness straps.

On the other hand, parents need to keep it clean which is also an easy thing to do. Just take a piece of cloth, soak it in water and clean the booster with bare hands. Moreover, it’s not bulky or heavy; parents can easily carry it along.

d). Safety: Safety is ensured by a set of three point harness and additional straps. They harness your baby properly and fasten the booster seat on the high table tight. Other than harness and straps, its non-skid feet help it hold the surface magnificently. NO WORRIES AT ALL!

  • Portable, fold-able, wipe-able and store-able.
  • Comes with three point harness and non-skid feet.
  • Detachable tray.
  • Can bear considerable burden (70 pounds).
  • PVC, BPA and Phthalate free material.
  • Parents have concerns regarding its cleansing. However, they are manageable.
  • Not suitable for large babies having 70+ pounds weight.
Positive Feedback
Out of 439 product reviews, this product has received 70% positive feedback.

Final Words

It’s recommended for those parents who like

traveling/outing. This booster seat can be folded and stored in your vehicle easily.

Best High Chair Booster Seats Buyer’s Guide

In order to ease your process of purchasing the best baby booster seats, we have brought for you a buyer’s guide and a list of our top picks. So, you are requested to have a thorough look at this guide and our recommendations before you make the purchase.

Consider the following factors before making a purchase:

1. The quality of material

The quality of the product is by no means ignore-able. As a buyer, you should be aiming at purchasing a product that has to be of top-notch quality. By top quality we mean that it should be made of lightweight, durable, comfortable and easy to wipe material.

You may find plastic, fabric and metallic booster seats on the market. But we recommend plastic booster seats owing to their being lightweight, fold-able, portable, wipe-able and convenient for both babies and parents.

2. Adjust-ability

This is the second most important factor that you must take into account before making a purchase. You need to purchase a booster seat that supports height adjust-ability. In case you purchase a booster seat that doesn’t support height adjust-ability, your baby might not be able to reach a desired distance at the dining table.

Therefore, we recommend you to purchase a booster seat that may be adjusted to different heights and may fit well on the high chair. Furthermore, booster seats with guaranteed height adjust-ability will be a great product for your growing baby.

3. Safety Features

Parents give considerable priority to the safety of their toddlers; they seem to be concerned for the well-being of their offspring from birth till manhood or even beyond.

So, before making a purchase, parents need to pay heed to the safety features of the product. As a booster seat is designed to be placed on high chairs, the chances of your baby’s falling down from it are always there.

However, you are advised to purchase a booster seat that comes with strong straps to fasten the booster seat and your baby. The straps should be strong enough to tighten the booster seat on the high chair, and harness your baby in booster seat. You can easily find a booster seat from our list that will fulfill your needs.

4. Portability

Lightweight booster seats are preferable to heavy ones. They are easy to set-up, fold, unfold and carry along. Moreover, they are easy to deal with when it comes to the frequent cleansing and storage after use.

In contrast, the heavy booster seats are cumbersome for the parents. They cause inconvenience when wiped, dislodged, stored and carried along.

Note: We recommend plastic booster seats.

5. Comfort and Convenience

Small babies have soft and delicate skin. Therefore, they need soft, cushy and comfortable booster seats to enjoy their meal. As a parent, you may also be willing to purchase a booster seat that doesn’t irritate your baby and you as well.

So, we, keeping in mind the baby and the parents, recommend you plastic booster seats. They are less irritable for the baby and parents.

However, if your baby feels slight discomfort, you can place a washable and cushy cloth to put an end to that. Moreover, the parents can set-up, wipe, carry, fold and store it with great ease.

6. Durability

How long a booster seat may last is one of the frequently asked questions. Your concerns for the durability of booster seat are justifiable.

In case you purchase a booster seat that is fragile and flimsy, you probably waste your precious money. So, it’s advised to purchase a booster seat that is long lasting. However, the longevity of product depends on the quality of material, care, the burden that it put on it, its cleansing and storage.


Plastic booster seats are strong enough to bear the burden of your babies. Additionally, they are wipe-able, fold-able and store-able which means they can be used for longer period.

7. Design

The design of a booster seat matters the most. It should be simple, accommodating, appealing and easily adjustable on the high chair. A faulty design may not adjust well on the high chair. It may not ensure safety and comfort. Moreover, a faulty design is full of risk factors.

8. Added Features

By added features we mean that the booster seat should have removable feeding tray so that it can assist your baby in eating. It should possess additional straps to ensure the safety of the booster seat and your baby.

Moreover, it should be equipped with height adjust-ability feature to help your baby reach the dining table with ease. Lastly, it has to be made of washable/wipe-able material to keep it clean after repeated use. best high chair booster seats for baby

Compare highchair with Booster Seat. Which is best?

Following is the quick comparison and final recommendation high chair vs booster seat

Baby High chair

High chair is just like a normal chair but has extra height to reach the level of dining tables with ease. It is tall, self-standing, well-balanced and suitable for small babies. Moreover, it is safe and comes with safety straps, trays and comfortable seat.

Advantages of a high chair:

• It independently stands on any surface with the help of its four well-balanced and tall legs.
• It comes with height adjust-ability feature and doesn’t require any additional chair to access to the dining table.
• It is robust, roomy and comfortable.
• It is easy to clean.

Disadvantages of a high chair:

• It is not easily portable; you cannot take it on excursions.
• It is more costly than a booster seat.

Baby Booster Seat:

Booster seat is normally dependent on other dining chairs because it lacks tall legs to reach the dining tables. It is short in height and requires to be placed on another chair to boost its height to higher level.

Advantages of a high chair:

• It can be fixed on any dining chair that is available in house.
• It can be used on the floor.
• It is lightweight hence portable.
• It is cheaper than high chair.

Disadvantages of a high chair:

• It is less robust than high chair.
• It needs additional dining chair.

Which is the better of the two?

Booster seat is better than high chair for four major reasons: versatility, portability, storage and price. The booster seat can be fixed on various dining chairs; it is lightweight and easily portable; it can easily be stored and taken on tours; and it is cheaper than high chairs.

Is booster seat good for my infant?

Yes, it is good for infants for two significant reasons. First, it offers them sufficient height to reach the dining table and eat their favorite dishes.

Secondly it can be used on floor for the same purpose. How amazing it is when you see your baby sit beside you and enjoy food!

Final words; Booster vs Baby High Chair?

High chairs and booster seats have their own merits and demerits. However, they are more beneficial than disadvantageous. They help babies develop eating etiquette by being beside their parents. In fact, these seemingly normal activities will affect the personality of babies in the long run.

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