12 Best Baby Walkers 2021: Top rated, Modern, Unique, Portable & Safest

Not all baby walkers are fit as you looking for! Few are heavier, expensive or less secure while others might be less durable or dangerous.  A mother can’t take the risk of buying a walker every second day!

Yes indeed! You definitely needed the walker that is certified, safety guaranteed and highly durable. Here come our top Recommended 12 Best baby walker that every other mother have loved to buy one for her baby!

While the walkers come into a variety of options but when you choose a the best baby walker for you child, keep in mind that what you choose is the best in terms of being lightweight, flexible, durable, affordable and above all self balancing.

12 Best Baby Walkers in 2021

Image Product Rating Price
Joovy Spoon Walker Joovy Spoon Walker


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VTECH Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker VTECH Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


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Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker


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Safety 1st Dino Sounds 'n Lights Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights


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Combi Baby Walker Combi Baby Walker


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Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Disney Baby Minnie Mouse


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Delta Children Delta Children


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Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker


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Storkcraft Mini Storkcraft Mini


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Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker


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The list of above recommended best walkers for your baby, have been prepared after reading, researching, testing and experimenting a few products around.

In order to help you find the best baby walker for your baby, we have selected a list of famous baby walkers. That include; different heights of babies, different floors (hardwood, carpet, cemented and tiled), different physical sizes of babies and different styles of uses (push, walk, sit inside the seat, play with additional toys).

Finally, it is up to you that which baby walker does your baby need or which one is suitable for the floor of your home.

1. Joovy Spoon [ Lightweight & Portable ]

Joovy Spoon Walker is perfectly an awful choice for your baby. Joovy is quite a recognized brand in making the flexible and finest baby products for around sometime.

Let’s explore a bit how Joovy spoon walker fits perfect to your choice.

Joovy Spoon Walker Greenie-best baby walker 2020

Main Features:

Joovy is wonderfully lightweight and prides a fold-able design that makes it easy to carry or put around.

It is slim, sleek, stylish and aesthetic coming with fancy colors and beauty in the best. A large and wrapped around tray adds the safety to your baby when he might try to touch or catch the things nearby.

Apart from that, it has the removable insert, making it easy to be cleaned and cared. The seating are smooth and comfortable with high quality fabric in it. As for multiple flooring i.e hardwood, tile or linoleum floors, the walker works perfectly with them with zero disturbance. Overall, the Joovy is ideally fit for your baby to let him feel overjoyed, rejuvenated and relaxed.

  • Fold-able & Portable
  • Easy to wash
  • Adjustable settings
  • Inbuilt safety & Strength
  • Non Lockable Wheels
  • Limited height adjustment setting

Final Words

With all of the options with maximum baby convenience, Joovy is the best in list of recommended baby walkers.

2.VTech Sit-to-Stand Baby Walker

Vetch Sit to stand baby learning walker a find addition in the list of being the best selling baby walker with so many options in it. It is indeed a versatile product with the following features, as discussed.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker (Frustration Free Packaging)-best baby walker review 2020

Important Features

The baby walker comes into multiple stylish color so as to attract the attention of you kids.

It has a removable play panel that features toys, music, etc to your Kid. It is aimed to encourage learning, creativity, fun and enjoy to your baby. The wheels are lockable and offer good results when your baby walks any type of flooring like wood, carpeted or hard floors.

In order to stimulate the creativity of your kid, the play panel offers music, creative and funny phrases, multiple sound effects of animals, birds etc. Your child would really enjoy it.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Fit for 9 & 3 years baby
  • Educational Value
  • Builds creativity
  • Wide wheelbase
  • Lockable & adjustable
  • An affordable choice.
  • Loud voice of music
  • Tap or slide a bit

Final Words

A baby walker with so many things or features in it, is indeed a worth buy. Its durable, affordable, strong and adjustable. Coming from a brand, vtech sit to stand learning walker is indeed a worthy product

3. Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout [ Affordable & Best Rated ]

The bright stars is the best deal in terms of affordability, durability and kids comfort. It has certainly a great many things to go for.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Juneberry Deligh-best baby walker reviews 2020Important Features

The baby walker is recommended for the baby above 6 months, who is able to sit and weighs up 26 pounds.

With an adjustable height the additional support is provided with a high seat back.

The playing panel inside is loaded with wonderful melodious music sound to entertain your kid. The seat pad is easily washable. It requires 3 AA batteries with an uptime of 20 hours.

  • Fold-able & Portable choice
  • Loaded with toys
  • Detachable play station
  • Works well on hard floors.
  • Tight brakes to prevent sliding
  • Washable
  • Not good on carpet floor.
  • Not easy to assemble

Final Words

The product is wonderfully awesome! It truly pleases your kid. What else when you watch your baby move freely in any direction, throughout your house, to roll over the rooms, drawing room, around your pets, and in that all, your baby is fully overjoyed and feels entirely freed!. With so many things at an affordable price, the walker is really a nice product to have in hands.

4. Safety 1st Dino Sounds [ Best Activity Walker ]

This one is wonderfully a clear and colorful baby walker boasting the safety and smoothness as fine baby walker with a lot of additional benefits.

Safety 1st Dino Sounds ‘n Lights Discovery Baby Walker with Activity Tray- best baby walker reviews 2020

Product Features:

The walker comes with a playing panel loaded with beautiful sounds, colorful lights, dinosaur themed toys so as to keep your kid entertained and engaged while he walks around.

The walker offers 3 different adjustable height options offering you the maximum convenience. The shape and design of walker is attractive and easily fold-able.

  • Loaded with Non skid safety catches
  • Lightweight & attractive
  • Fold-able & Portable.
  • Customizable height.
  • Entertainment options
  • Machine washable cover
  • For all floor types
  • Batteries are not easy to replace once they are out of use.

Final Words

Dino Walkers are indeed the worth of their price.

5. Combi Baby Walker [ Best Interactive & Convertible Walker ]

With all fine additions a walker must have, combi baby walker provides the great playful learning. The walker adds the fine product value in the list of best baby walkers.

Combi Baby Walker and Interactive Mobile Activity Center- best baby walker 2020

Important Features

Coming with comfort the combo walker has maximum of it to offer.An excellent machine washable padding fulfills the aims of joyful baby ride. The walker is easier to assemble with adjustable height setting so as to add convenience to your baby.

The playing option while on the ride adds additional smile to your baby while on ride. The entertainment options include sounds, lights, mirrors, toys and what not police car with fine steering! Moreover, the snack tray on the walker, your baby would surely love to have.

  • Loaded with full Entertainment.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Customizable height setting
  • Machine washable seat
  • No wheels stuck issue
  • Lockable Jumper walker
  • Jumper issues

6. Disney Baby Minnie Mouse [ Awesome, Unique & Luxury Baby Walker ]

Coming straight from the renowned Disney brand, the walker is indeed well made, keeping all the concerns and requirements of your child. Let’s have its brief overview how it goes well with what you like in a walker

Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Music and Lights Baby Walker with Activity Tray- best baby walker 2020

Features of Disney Baby Minnie

The walker offers a stable well wide base with different height settings for a fine fit as per baby needs.

The wheels are stiff, strong and work well on all type of floors. The grip strips around the wheels helps prevent sliding when not on even surface.

In order to ensure that your baby is bored, four minnie mouse themed toys has been added with music play to tune up different songs on the go. The seats are easy machine washable. Walker can easily be folded to store away.

With all these joys, the walker is recommended between the age of 0 and 48 months. And, to mention, Disney offers one year’s limited warranty along with walker.

  • Full Entertainment solution
  • 12 built in Songs
  • Melodious voice.
  • Wide base
  • Adjustable height
  • Works on all Floor types
  • Quick assembly,
  • Fold-able & Portable
  • One Year Warranty
  • Play station sound issue

Final Words

Landing down right from the Disney, the Walker is a versatile product with all of its features. It is indeed the best addition in the list of best baby walkers 2021

7. Delta Children Lil’ Drive [ Best Cool & Fancy Walker ]

The Delta baby walker is an additional addition in the list of best baby walkers 2021. Recommended for the baby who can sit on his own, the walker has other additional convenience to offer. Let’s cut it a bit.

Delta Children Lil' Drive Baby Activity Walker, Black-best baby walker reviews

Important highlights

The product is well recommended with a slightly grown up baby, not for toddlers.

A fine sturdy base with strong wheels it is fine with all floor options. The toy tray with lights sounds, steering etc stir the insight of your baby.

The height adjustment at three different options allows it be most convenient as your baby grows. The flat fold makes it easy to keep, store of pack up while you travel out.

  • 360 Spin wheels
  • Roll over Secured
  • For all floor types
  • Easy to assemble, adjustable & washable seats.
  • Detachable toy tray
  • Fancy & Slim design
  • Little bit heavier
  • Not suitable for grown up baby

Final Words

The product is fine and of an average quality. It features all basic features that a walker offers. You may have it, however, for a basic try, provided your budget affords it.

8. Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker by Baby Neptune Walker

This walker is another fine addition in the list. It is a unique blend of of all elements like music, art, creativity, language, shapes etc with fine balance of each. The baby Einstein Ocean Explorer walker brand is in fact the whole idea of sharing mothers love, creativity, fun and wonder with the kids. Let’s explore it a bit by bit.

Caterpillar & Friends Discovery Walker by Baby Neptune Walker-best baby walker reviewed 2020

Features of CaterPillar Walker

The walker is designed as to enhance the creativity, adventurer of kids with maximum comfort options.

It offers an excellent colorful look with a unique elliptical frame making it strong and durable. The height positions are adjustable with a high seat-back support.

For maximum convenience the product is designed as easy to assemble, clean and take care. With 5.09 product weight, the walker can easily withstand the weight of your child up to 26.5 Pounds. The playing panel offers maximum creativity, wonder and enjoyment to your child.

  • Safety & durability guaranteed
  • Designed to prevent injury or fall.
  • Comfortable ride
  • Loaded with entertainment options
  • Play panel with classical melodies
  • Cognitive & Creative development
  • Detachable toy station
  • Max recommended height limit is 26.5lbs
  • Back wheels do not turn easily

Final Words

The walker with a lot of fulfillment options, is indeed a worth to consider. It is easy to wash and take care. You can also fold it and place inside your bed easily. Hence, it is indeed a worth to buy.

9. Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker

Stork Craft, another in the list, offers a certain bright full features, one might be looking for, in the best baby walkers. Let’s hover around a bit on its details, a bit more!

Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker-best baby walkers reviews 2020

Features of Storkcraft Mini-Speeedster

With an engaging bright look, the walker, in first turn offers a realistic driving experience with a movable steering, to your baby .

An easily detachable interactive toy, a well light up dashboard, soothing horns, signals, provide a unique realistic entertainment to your baby while he is on the walker.

There are 3 adjustable height settings. Additionally an easy to wash and clean seat pad offers the maximum comfort. The flat fold design makes it easy to store.

  • Struck free
  • Easy & Swift movement ensured
  • Sophisticated look
  • Electronic playing panel
  • Combines Learning & Entertainment
  • Strong & durable
  • Adjustable height
  • Not recommended for toddlers

Final Words

The walker with an extra maneuverability and durability is a graceful thing. However, its recommended to have its in-depth review before opting for an independent choice.

10. Hape Wooden Wonder Walker

A wooden walker with unique colorful combination, featuring quite a wonderful with it, is indeed a worth to have look at. Let’s explore it a bit further.

Award Winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy-best baby walker reviews 2020

Features of Hape Wooden Wonder Walker

The product presents a unique look with fine non toxic color blends, wooden material and well made rubber trimmed wheels.

On the playing side, the walker offers variety of colorful balls, moving gears to get your kid engaged.

It features a strong base with additional storage space. The baby can literally share the ride with others even. It is easy to assemble and recommended for baby between 12 and 3 years age.

  • Natural wooden design.
  • Strong & Sturdy setback wheels
  • Non toxic color paint
  • Movable Knobs, colorful balls, gears etc
  • Loaded with creative & cognitive development
  • Well made & Rubber trimmed wheels.
  • Easy to assemble & durable.
  • Sometimes wheels get hard to turn.
  • High speed issue on hard surface

Final Words

The Push walker comes with fine options to go for. Moreover, it is known by the name of its brand. All the products of Hape wonder push walker are made with the highest quality standards. Furthermore, it has been the the award winner of Parent’s choice approved award 2011.

11. Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker, Flora

This is another fine addition in the list coming from Flora. Featuring multiple features like multi lingual play tray, let’s cut it bit further to know how it suits well for us.

Chicco Walky Talky Baby Walker, Flora- best baby walkers reviews

Features of Chicco Walky

Chicco walky Talky presents a wonderful multi lingual walker option with its playing tray.

Your kid can literally enjoy with attractive colors, common phrases in five different languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese).

The playing tray is removable. The built in brakes helps to stop roll over. The height is adjustable as your baby needs. An easily washable seat pad offers maximum comfort to your baby while playing around. Chicco folds compactly for easy storage.

  • Reliable brakes
  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Adjustable height options
  • Full Entertainment Playing panel
  • Comfortable seat pad.
  • Easy to Fold & Store
  • Works well on all flooring except thicker carpet.

Final Words

The chicco walky talky baby walker is the best basic level walker. What else, if you may have maximum flexibility and child freedom with an affordable price choice.

12. Cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker

A wooden walker with so much fun, joy and entertainment aside, this is indeed a fine choice that your baby might need.

cossy Wooden Baby Learning Walker Toddler Toys-best baby walker reviews 2020

Features of Cossy Wooden Baby Learning

The product presents an aesthetic look, finely constructed with the juniper wood, colored with non toxic paint and stable TRP wheels.

The wheels are well and will not easily roll over. They are rubber trimmed designed as to protect the floors. It is a versatile baby push and pull gift for the baby above the age of 1 year.

The fine craftsmanship with toy panel is aimed not only to entertain but to inspire and enhance creative instinct of your child while on the walker.

  • The product is easy to assemble, fine and durable.
  • Fantastic & Colorful Look
  • Easy to Assemble
  • TRP Wooden Constructed wheels
  • Maximum Comfort, Rubber trim wheels
  • Sliding prevented.
  • Multiple Playing options for Kids
  • Xylophone has not good sound

Final Words

A fine wooden built with an aesthetic look, the walker is a worth buy. With so much options offered, once can indeed have it. Apart from a little wheel tightening issue, the walker, overall gives an entire baby satisfaction that the parents want to have it.

Best Baby Walkers 2021; Detailed Buyers Guide

Finding the best baby walker comes with a lot of hassle. The parents need to consider a host of things to prioritize the final best walkers for the baby.

Pros & Cons of using Baby Walkers

Baby walkers have been in use only because they assist babies in walking, engage them in fun activities and provide them with a sense of self-reliance.

In fact, using baby walkers is more advantageous than disadvantageous. The disadvantages of baby walkers are the result of their abuses; they should be used appropriately. Let’s now check out some of the pros and the cons of baby walkers.

Pros of using baby walkers:

1. Baby walkers are alternatives to parents in terms of walking:

Baby walkers are very useful devices when it comes to assisting babies to walk. They provide balance, support and encouragement to take some steps.

Moreover, they prove to be stress relievers for those parents who cannot give more time to their babies owing to hectic life schedule.

2. Baby walkers keep the babies engrossed in fun activities:

Nowadays, most of the baby walkers feature attractive toys, delightful colors, soothing sounds and pretend devices etc. All these engaging options draw the attention of babies very quickly, and keep them absorbed in these toys.

3. They provide enough time to parents while the babies are busy with baby walkers:

Parents cannot attend on their babies 24/7 because they have some necessary work to do be it household chores, official assignments or even rest. Baby walkers keep the babies engaged while you accomplish your pending tasks.

4. Baby walkers develop physical, cognitive and psychological aspects of babies:

As babies grow old, their physical, cognitive and psychological needs require polishing. In case parents are unable to pay proper heed to their babies, they can rely on baby walkers to strengthen babies’ muscles, sharpen their cognition and nourish their temperament.

The physical aspect is fulfilled by walking off and on; the mental aspect is fulfilled by activity center; and psychological aspect is fulfilled by soothing sounds.

5. Baby walkers offer babies a sense of confidence to explore new places and enjoy themselves

Last but not least, baby walkers instill in babies a sense of independence to walk at their will. There is no denying the fact that, at first, babies will face trouble to cope with baby walkers; but as soon as they get used to controlling the baby walkers, they can move here and there to explore new corners of the house.

Cons of using baby walkers:

1. Baby walkers may be harmful at times:

Since babies cannot control their bodies fully, they are likely to stumble and fall which might result in minor injuries. And, when babies are handed over baby walkers, they are most likely to go astray or imbalanced which is again a matter of concern.

However, these safety concerns can be addressed if parents keep a keen eye on their babies as long as they use baby walkers.

2. Excessive use of baby walkers is not beneficial for babies:

Every useful thing can be harmful if used in excess. Similarly, the use of baby walkers in excess is detrimental to the overall development of the baby.

The baby may get tired, its muscles may get retarded and its body may get stressed.
Therefore, babies should be given specifically limited time period to use baby walkers.

The recommended time for using baby walkers is not more than 30 minutes. However, you can extend that time period but it should be in intervals such as after every 3 to 4 hours.

Best baby Walkers Related Important Questions

1. Are baby walkers good or bad?

We cannot rely on sweeping statements regarding the usefulness or the harmfulness of baby walkers. In fact, baby walkers are both good and bad according to way you make your babies use them. Baby walkers are good for babies if you use them for specific time and age; they are recommended for those babies who can stand up and control their bodies. Moreover, they should be used for specific time not exceeding 30 odd minutes. Conversely, they are bad for the babies if you let your babies use baby walkers at an early age and for an undue time. Notably, baby walkers should not be used by those babies who cannot control their bodies. Other than that, babies should not be left with baby walkers for hours. In a nutshell, baby walkers have good and bad impacts on the babies if used accordingly.

2. What age is best for baby walker?

The recommended age for a baby to start using baby walker is 4 months. Once the baby starts using baby walker, he/she can go on to use it for 16 months. However, one should not follow the recommended age blindly, and should not buy a baby walker until one’s baby is able to hold his/her body properly.

3. Are push walkers bad for a baby?

Push walkers are not bad for every baby; they are bad for only those babies who are not yet able to control their bodies on their own. For such babies who cannot control their bodies due to their age, it is better to use the baby walkers that have hanging seats. However, the babies that can easily walk on their own may use push walkers to explore new corners and enjoy themselves at their sweet will.

Are there any alternatives to baby walkers?

Yes, there are various alternatives to baby walkers but none can assist your babies in walking the way that baby walkers do. So, we cannot find any substitute for these walking assistive devices when it comes to the walking only. However, we can find alternatives to baby walkers when we intend to entertain, teach, engage, soothe, and comfort our babies. Such alternatives are activity tables, baby swings, baby rockers, baby jumpers, baby bouncers and ExerSaucers.

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