Vtech Sit to Stand Walker Review – 4 Reasons Why it is Best?

Vtech sit to stand is a wonder walker with multiple features & benefits as noted. We have explored it at lenght and after reading countless practical reviews, experience, insights, we have been able to gather a complete all in 1 review of Vtech Sit to Stand Walker for you, as here.

Vtech Sit to Stand Walker – Practical Review & Advice

When your baby is learning how to stand up on his own, the best thing you can buy for your little one is a baby walker. A good walker plays an important role in helping your baby to learn how to walk and balance.

Therefore, choosing a right baby walker for your baby is not easy. To help you with your choice , here is one of the best walker you can count on for your baby’s development.

V-tech is a two-in-one toy that is fun for babies and also serves the purpose of helping them learn to walk. It is a very innovative walker and comes complete with a keyboard, piano keys, play phone, flash lights , colorful gears and shape sorters.

With 70 sing along songs , sound effects and music , your baby can learn language more easily. This walker offers a smooth walking practice for kids to learn to take their first steps and improve balance .

Moreover , all these interactive features develop your child’s interest to learn more quickly. No additional tools are required to assemble the walker , you just need two AA alkaline batteries which are already included in the packaging. The product fulfills all the requirements you look for in your ideal baby walker.

Product Specification

  • Designed for babies who are 9 months to 3 years old.
  • Weighs 4.8 lbs.
  • Dimensions : 16.5” x14.2” x18.1”
  • Made of high quality plastic.
  • Two settings to control speed.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • 2 AA batteries included in packaging.
  • Comes in a frustration free packaging.
  • 5 piano keys, 3 shape sorters , spinning rollers, turning gears , light up buttons and pretending telephone.
  • Detachable activity panel.

VTECH Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker; Pros & Cons

VTECH Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
9.4/10 Our Score


  • Lots of activities to keep children busy.
  • Best way to enhance cognitive development.
  • Sturdy walker.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Loud musical notes can be annoying sometimes.
  • Expensive.

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy it?

1.  This is an amazing walking tool for children. There are so many activities for children to choose from which is a great opportunity to improve their motor development.

2. You can also change the control setting on the back tires after which the tires will not move, so you can control the speed at which your baby is going.

3. It will not tilt back or move too fast as the baby lifts to stand. The best part of this walker is that it has a removable play panel so your baby can still continue to use it even after he has stopped using the product as a walker. The panel has very engaging and cheerful colors which enhance creativity in children.

4. This walker actually grows with your baby so you can track their development from sitting up to the time where they can actually pull themselves up to get on knees.

The greatest advantage of this walker is the staged resistance of wheels and brakes to prevent slipping. This resistance will help the kid to get comfortable with applying weight onto the walker and when he gets better at balancing, you can remove the resistance. It is no doubt a best option for children to learn and play at the same time.

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Common Usage Recommendations

Following are the common usage recommendations of Vtech sit to stand walker.

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Few Major Issues with Vetech

Following are few minor issues that the users have experienced while using Vetech Einstein Walker

Issue of Weight

As this walker weighs only five pounds, so according to some users, this is not a sturdy walker for babies learning to walk and hold themselves in upright position.

Speed adjuster

Some users say that the speed adjuster built into the wheels works well on carpeting but not on wooden floors.

Final Verdict
VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker
9.9/10 Our Score

Should You Buy Vtech Sit to Stand Walker ?

This walker has an excellent rating among parents because of its multi-functional purpose and interactive features.

It is a very well made walker, sturdy and just takes few minutes to put together. The gadgets on the front of this walker are fun and keeps your baby entertained for hours which boosts your child’s confidence to take first steps.The sounds get your baby’s interest and the colors are vibrant too.

With proper parental guidance , this walker is the best way of giving your kid an early home education. Overall , it is a good option to consider and worth buying for your baby.

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