12 Best Baby Activity Table Reviewed | Definitive Buyers Guide 2021

Ever thought, to what end baby activity gear like tables, centers, walkers etc are helpful? Yes! they are a must have baby gear out in the list! Best moms choice has always been the best baby activity tables to help kid grow, learn and come up confidently

The day the baby is born, you feel overwhelmed with happiness on the one hand and a bit concerned on the other. Concerned in the sense that you start thinking of the well-being and healthy growth of your nascent baby.

Don’t worry! Your concerns for its health, cognitive, physical and emotional development are natural because every parent wishes to see his baby grow up happily and properly. The proper bodily, mental and emotional growth of a child is subjected to the proper attention of parents.

Therefore, both the parents are responsible for providing their kid with recommended nourishment (milk and baby food) for its promising bodily growth and learning devices (accessory toys) for its mental, emotional and motor development.

The part of nourishment is at the disposal of parents—specially mother, whereas the part of baby’s learning to walk, play, recognize things, improve motor and cognitive skills depends upon accessory toys such as walkers and activity tables.

I, being a mother of my only baby, have gone through the same experience and tried my best to provide my kid every possible opportunity to learn and grow joyfully with the toys.

For so doing, I searched various sites for days to find the best product for my child, and finally ended up choosing activity tables.

My choice is based on the idea that walkers assist your baby in walking, while the activity tables offer different opportunities to your baby to stand up, recognize shapes, understand numbers, remember songs and learn alphabets.

Moreover, they come with useful features that help in improving gross motor skills of your baby.

12 Best Baby Activity Tables Reviewed in 2021

Image Product Rating Price
VTech Magic Star Learning Table VTech Magic Star Learning Table


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Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun


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LeapFrog Learn and Groove LeapFrog Learn and Groove


Check Price
Baby Einstein Discovering Baby Einstein Discovering


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VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube


Check Price
Skip Hop Treetop Skip Hop Treetop


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Bright Starts Tummy Time Bright Starts Tummy Time


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VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk


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Manhattan Toy Tree Top Manhattan Toy Tree Top


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Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Fisher-Price 3-in-1


Check Price
LeapFrog Little Office LeapFrog Little Office


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Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn


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After assessing closely the tons of descriptive notes and reviews of the critical public regarding the quality, durability, usefulness, comfort, safety, teaching capacity and entertaining features of various activity tables,

I hope my selfless and painstaking endeavor in this regard will save your precious time in choosing the best activity tables for your cherubic child.

What is Baby Activity Table?

Baby Activity Tables are the small plastic tables that have flat horizontal slabs and are supported by three to five legs. In fact, they resemble normal wooden or metallic tables in shape but differ in purpose.

Purpose of Activity Tables

The purpose of baby activity tables is to entertain and teach baby by means of a number of small animal or automobile toys, musical instruments, pretend devices, electronic books and light buttons that are placed right on top of these tables.

Unequivocally, these tables are excellent companions to babies when it comes to learning to stand up, controlling bodies, getting entertained, improving gross/motor skills and sharpening cognition.

Moreover, they are absolutely safe for the babies in two ways. First, they stand firmly on the surface owing to the well-balanced and motionless posture of the legs.

Secondly, their activity centers are detachable, hence, they can be placed on the floor for the sitting babies.

Thus, they offer complete safety as well as uninterrupted supply of activities to both standing and sitting babies.

1. VTech Magic Star Learning Table

Along with other VTech baby products, VTech Magic Star Learning Table promotes learning through play.

This plastic, musical and lightening toy features 6 engaging activities on its detachable top to motivate your 6 month to 3 years old baby to learn and grow joyfully—whether sitting on the floor or standing. VTech Magic Star Learning Table

Firstly, this star shaped multitasking activity table comes in two different volume settings, English and Spanish, to promote bilingualism in your child from the beginning.

Secondly, it has a turning steering wheel, a beeping horn and a gear shift to give it a cool automobile look.

Whenever your baby turns the steering, the bear, that is placed on the alphabetic track in the middle, spins with it—this promotes the motor skills of your baby.

Thirdly, there is a pretended wireless phone placed near the phone buttons on the right side of the table; your baby can pick it up and make a fake call by pressing its buttons—thereby honing its motor and cognitive skills.

Fourthly, this table contains an e-learning book that sings nursery rhymes on flipping its pages. It certainly nourishes a sense of education.

Finally, you can find light up music buttons on 2 gears to play music and know colors. Coupled with that, three colorful piano keys in the front make it more beautiful.

I recommend VTech Magic Star Learning Table not only for its amazingly useful features but also for the positive feedback of public that this product has received after use.

  • Easy to assemble—just fix the legs.
  • Baby can enjoy while sitting on floor and standing steadily—its detachable.
  • Frustration free packaging.
  • Colorful lights and amazing sound turn it into an interactive and fun-booster toy.
  • Powered by 2 AA replaceable batteries.
  • It is slightly flimsy; should be made durable.
  • Short and lightweight.

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2. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

If you want a toy that can suffice your baby’s needs during different developmental periods, you may try Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center.

It features a safe alternative to walker—exersaucer, multiple age-appropriate toys to achieve 10 developmental milestones, three adjustable height options to manage its height accordingly and a 360 degree rotation of the seat to engage your baby in learning and fun activities all around him.

Why is it called a triple fun active learning center?

Because, this fun-loaded plastic activity table can play three different roles during three different growth stages of your baby—from birth to 2 years. Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center

The first stage is tummy time, that starts from the birth and ends when your baby reaches 4 months.

You can convert this toy into a playmate by detaching its parts and comfortable cushion so that your kid can enjoy lying on the floor.

The second stage is up to walking, that starts after 4 months and goes on till 12 months.

After 4 months, when your baby holds its head and waist, you may place it in the rotatable seat of exersaucer so that it can develop the strength for walking.

This seat is surrounded by multiple toys that will improve sensory learning and make the baby giggle and feel captivated by the sound and lights of the toys.

The third stage is walking and playing. It takes place after 1 year of age and ends when baby reaches 2 years of age.

Now, all you have to do is transforming this exersaucer into an activity table so that the baby can stand up, play and walk around all the extra saucer pieces from one end to the other.

  • Rotatable seat.
  • Can be modified into three activity toys.
  • Detachable parts.
  • Washable cushion/seat.
  • Loaded with toys.
  • Thin clothed seat.
  • Needs 9 AA batteries.

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3. LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

If you have been a music fanatic since childhood and want your baby to follow your footsteps, you may give this music loaded activity table a try. Believe me your 6 months to 3 years old baby would love this product.LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

This is another promising product of LeapFrog that comes with four removable legs, colorful musical instruments—piano, guitar and drum, more than 70 classical songs, tunes, phrases, 2 language setting options—English and Spanish and a colorful book in the middle that is surrounded by numbers, letters and shapes.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table basically has two key modes—learning and musical.

These modes depend on the flipping of page of the book that is placed in the middle of the table.

If the baby flips the page of the book, it switches between learning mode and music mode. After switching to the learning mode, any button your baby presses, the toy teaches it English alphabets, numbers, basic shapes, colors and lot more to nourish cognitive and motor skills.

Whereas, if your baby flips to the music mode, this fun loaded table will play popular songs such as “old MacDonald”, “ABC song”, “Itsy Bitsy spider” and “pop goes the weasel”.

Moreover, the soothing sound of different instruments such as piano, guitar,drum, trombone and xylophone will make your baby’s learning experience full of entertainment and fun.

In case your baby is not yet able to stand properly, you can detach the upper fun-loaded part of this toy and place it on the floor too.

Other than above-mentioned characteristic features of this toy, it comes in frustration free packaging and recyclable corrugated material instead of traditional color printing.

  • Bilingual, supports English and Spanish.
  • Learning and music modes make it a unique product.
  • Huge array of songs and music.
  • Legs can be detached for floor use.
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries for longer use.
  • Light weight and bit unstable.
  • May slide occasionally on leaning.

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4. Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

Baby Einstein products have been the first pick of parents for their fine quality, fabulous fun, magical music and interesting learning activities, and this tripod musical activity table is a prime example of this.

As its name signifies, this table is music-loaded that will make the learning and discovering experience of your baby (6 to 36 months old) an immense fun.

Featuring tappable drum, strummable guitar, spinnable French horn and a music book at its activity centre, Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table motivates your baby to explore musical instruments, discover and make multiple music sounds and learn three different languages—English, Spanish and French.

Apart from discovering or making music and learning 3 languages, your baby will learn about colors and numbers as it learns to press the buttons of piano. Pressing the buttons frequently enhances its motor skills.

Moreover, the centrally fixed music book produces melodies, emits colorful lights and changes modes after its pages are flipped by the baby. Flipping the pages also improves motor skills of your baby.

Another useful feature of this product is that you can easily remove its legs and place its activity centre on the floor for your sitting baby.

  • Trilingual—English, Spanish and French.
  • Easy assembly.
  • Promotes learning with music and fun.
  • Can be used on floor—legs are detachable.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Light weight, less stable with flimsy legs.
  • Requires supervision; can slide away on leaning.

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5. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

This is the second VTech baby product on our list. The reason to include another product of VTech is its being useful and highly beneficial for the cognitive, sensory and motor growth of your baby. VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube

So far I have mentioned activity tables, this is an activity cube to keep your baby super busy and bolster its overall growth with non-stop entertainment.

This fascinating plastic cube collectively offers 14 manipulative and engaging activities on its all sides, except the bottom, to encourage your baby to crawl and twist its way through each fun-filled side of the cube.

The baby will get absorbed in light up buttons, animal names, sounds and shapes, alphabets, numbers and 25 pleasing songs and mellifluous melodies.

All these activities promote curiosity, discovery and exploration that further assist in the cognitive development, sensory growth and motor skills of your child.

Lastly, the best thing about this toy is that it lacks legs and is placed on the floor, thus, it keeps your baby super safe and busy in multiple activities, while you do the dishes, complete any task, spend some time on the screen or take respite.

  • 14 manipulative activities on 5 sides.
  • Promotes great floor play.
  • Ensures safety; keeps your baby engrossed.
  • 25 playful songs and melodies.
  • Adjustable volume and auto shut-off options.
  • Batteries need frequent replacement.
  • Small and a bit less durable.

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6. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat and Infant Activity Gym

If you are looking for a multipurpose toy that can fulfill the entertainment and basic learning needs of your baby in its infancy or the days during which your baby cannot stand up and spends much time lying on the floor, you must try Skip Hop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat and Infant Activity Gym. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat and Infant Activity Gym

This fabric made comfortable and oversized round mat-cum-gym features, for your cute kid, multiple nature inspired visuals such as crinkle leaves, squeaker flowers, tree trunk and 5 multi-sensory push-able hanging birds, tummy time pillow and more to promote 17 developmental activities that further help your baby learn, recognize things and grow with fun.

This easy to assemble mat will soon become a center of everyone’s attention since it accommodates your charming baby and embellishes your home simultaneously.

It is up to you whether you use it as a mat or gym. To convert it into a simple mat, you need to remove its soft linen and patterned arches—they provide this mat a gym-like feel.

Moreover, it contains a baby mirror and built in sounds and textures to increase its beauty.

At the end, whenever you plan to wash this mat after it gets dirty, make sure you have removed baby mirror, tweeting birds and other delicate parts.

  • Ideal for 0 to 2 years old baby.
  • Mat-cum-gym—two in one.
  • Vibrant wild visuals—crinkle leaves, squeaker flowers, tree trunk and 5 tweeting birds.
  • It promotes 17 developmental activities.
  • Washable with machine.
  • Thin cushions.
  • Quality of material should be improved.

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7. Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play

Babies enjoy the toys that feature either the shapes or sounds of animals and birds. So for I have mentioned 6 products, and all of them have incorporated one or the other component in their activity toys. Bright Starts Tummy Time Prop & Play

However, they featured mainly plastic animals and birds in small sizes and placed them at specific positions, but this product features an entire fabric polar bear that adjusts other entertaining toys to promote engaging activities.

The other attached toys include baby safe mirror to watch its duplicate face, rattles and soothing taggies to further entertain your baby.

This cute polar bear mat predominately aims at tummy time, prop and play and creature comforts.

Your baby is sure to enjoy its company by kicking, wiggling, hugging, propping, playing and crawling over this soft and cozy animal.

Additional matching sweet pillow gives your baby extra support so that it can stay safe.

Moreover, this soft toy can fit easily in small spaces (floor or other even surfaces) and can be taken on excursions away from home.

Lastly,you can wash it with machine or clean it with damp cloth and mild soap—don’t put it in water directly.

  • Best for tummy time haters.
  • Safe, soft and cozy mat.
  • Fits in small spaces.
  • Machine washable.
  • Baby safe mirror, rattles and extra pillow make it adorable.
  • Head and paws of polar bear drop off after you place extra toys.
  • More comfortable less entertaining.

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8. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

VTech is the name of quality, reliance, entertainment, learning and fun. I like their products for being dependable, but my baby loves them for being full of fun activities, creativity, discovery and leaning. VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

Along with two above mentioned products of the same manufacturer, this Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe will provide your baby with every opportunity to create, discover and learn. However, this product is intended for 2 years old or more.

This three-in-one interactive desk features a hail of activities (about 100 vocabulary words, 20 activities and 20 songs and melodies) to make your baby’s childhood memories indelible and worth remembering.

It comes with a stool for sitting and five learning pages that are placed on the desk alternatively to provide engaging and colorful alphabets, numbers, shapes, body parts, colors etc.

Moreover, you can separately purchase eight fun-filled and learning packs that include a wide range of curriculum such as math, science, social studies to enhance baby’s understanding—best for preschool education.

Featuring pretend phone to make calls, music player to listen music and touch system that follows your baby’s commands.

When it presses any of the alphabet, number, color or shape of the page placed on the desk, the middle frog, possessing light-up display, shows that alphabet or number and pronounces it simultaneously.

Furthermore, your baby can switch buttons to enter different modes—learning and music. When your baby seems less interested in pressing buttons and listening to music, you can transform this desk into an easel and chalkboard (white blank pages) to divert its attention towards basic drawing and random sketching.

  • Three-in-one desk.
  • 20 activities, 20 songs and more than 100 basic words.
  • Promotes learning on and off the desk; highly educational toy.
  • Can be expanded by separate learning packs.
  • Stool included.
  • Requires 4 AA batteries separately.
  • Touch pad buttons are sensitive.

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9. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

Manhattan Toy, you might have heard the name, has been producing innovative, safe, high-quality, trusted, exciting and educational toys for your kids since 1978.

To build your trust on this brand, you must try its Tree Top Adventure Activity Center. This adventurous and hands-on activity tree top toy is sure to improve the gross and fine motor skills of your baby (1 to 5 years old) to a great extent. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

This classic wooden toy possesses an activity center that features a tree house and other exciting components such as animal-themed gliders,four bead mazes, springy flaps, two spinning gears, two abacus counters, 1 bendy flower, many critters to crawl up and down the tree, and shape recognition to promote hands-on learning activities and foster baby’s interest in this vibrantly colorful toy.

Moreover, it hosts different mobile insects and animals that include a beautiful bee, a butterfly, a bird, an ant, a ladybug, a snail, a bear, a dog, a monkey and a frog—all adds to the better learning experience of your baby.

If we talk about other embellishing and attention grabbing aspects of this toy, its side walls are printed with apples, worms, birds and their nests, yellow blossoms, plums and tree house.

This activity-loaded and exceedingly decorated wooden toy will make your toddler fully engrossed in playing with it and improve its logical thinking and motor skills to the fullest.

Lastly, you need to assemble 5 parts of this toy to erect it in its final position—probably the only thing that parents would love to do for their baby.

  • Promotes fine and gross motor skills.
  • Trusted with safety.
  • Decorated and colorful.
  • Durable wooden toy.
  • Perfect birthday gift or room decor piece.
  • Slightly complicated to assemble.
  • Should be used under supervision

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10. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit-to-stand Activity Center

Another three-in-one activity center on our list that caters three needs of your child as he grows old.
You can use it as a fine playmate for your newborn initially, as a 360 rotatable exersaucer for your infant and an engaging toddler play table. Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Sit-to-stand Activity Center

When your baby is less than 6 months and spends much time lying on the floor, you can use the playmate of this toy to make your baby’s tummy time effective.

You can decorate this playmate with detachable music toys particularly the musical alligator with light up keys to play nice musical notes and tunes.

At this stage, your baby starts kicking, wiggling and slapping harmless alligator—this is the start of promising growth.

When your baby is ready to sit and spin, assemble this toy, place the playmate under it and make sure that every toy is available around the 360 rotatable seat.

Now, place your baby in the seat and let it have fun with the toys on every side it moves. As this stage your baby improves motor skills and gets its muscle strength that is needed to stand and walk.

After your cute baby gains strength and confidence to stand up, you can take your baby and the rotatable seat out.

Now, replace the cloth of rotatable seat with a rotatable slide. At this stage, your baby learns to take baby steps and reach at every toy available on the activity center.

  • Versatile and cute.
  • Playmate, Exersaucer and Activity centric Table—three in one.
  • Perfect developmental toy for newborn, infants and toddlers.
  • Received 88% positive reviews by the buyers.
  • Rotatable seat.
  • Small and a bit less adjustable.
  • 3 adjustable positions may not work well for taller and stronger munchkins.

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11. LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

This is the second LeapFrog product on our list. LeapFrog products are known for their quality, music variety, fun factor, educational toys and wider learning spectrum, and this product is no exception.LeapFrog Little Office Learning Center

This plastic learning centric desk for toddlers is supported by 4 detachable legs and features a mini laptop, a pretend phone, light-up globe, 5 colorful piano keys and about 27 electronic touch points for amazing imitative roles.

Your baby will enjoy playing with laptop—that makes it an official toy.

Moreover, it can explore the world with the help of spinnable, light-up and 10+ melodies producing globe.

The musical (180+ songs, greetings and phrases) and bilingual (English and Spanish) features of this little learning centre earn it whooping 85% positive reviews of the users.

Focusing on the core learning skills such as language, numbers, shapes, pretend play and motor skills, this toy promotes play, exploration, music and more. LET’S TRY IT ONCE!

  • Bilingual.
  • Huge array of music and melodies.
  • Detachable legs—can be used on floor.
  • Teaches greetings to your child.
  • Received positive feedback of the users.
  • Light and slightly slippery.
  • Batteries need replacement after heavy use.

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12. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table

This is the second Fisher-Price product that has made it to my list of the best available activity tables in 2021 Every Fisher-Price toy is unique and entertaining in its own way, but the one that I have picked is better than the rest. Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Around The Town Learning Table

This activity table supports two-sided development of your baby. Firstly, it can be used on floor without legs to offer sit and play facility. Secondly, it promotes stand and cruise when legs are attached.

Moreover, it offers your baby a sense of independence to explore its favorite places around the town that is placed on the table.

Your munchkin can visit 4 fun-filled and fabulous places of the table-town such as tiny Puppy’s house, the zoo, the market and the farm. When your baby visits the farms, the farm friends greet your baby with ”Peekaboo” as soon as it opens and closes the barn door.

When your baby moves towards the market and presses the piano keys,it is introduced with the numbers, foods and colors. After heading towards the zoo, your baby needs to spin the roller to hear animal sounds; and press buttons to learn shapes in Spanish and English.

On the trip to the Puppy’s house, your baby can learn alphabet as soon as it open the get of Puppy’s house.
On the whole, this activity table makes your baby’s learning experience full of fun, giggles creativity and exploration.

  • 9 lights and 100+ songs and phrases.
  • Detachable legs—can be used on floor.
  • 3 smart stages to play and grow simultaneously.
  • Promotes hands-on activities and fine motor skills.
  • Encourages exploration, learning and fun.
  • Small and light-weight.
  • Batteries need replacement.

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Best Baby Activity Tables; Buyers Guide

Keeping in mind the engaging activities and safety features of the activity tables, you might be interested in buying one for your kid. However, before buying any activity table, you are advised to go through the following buying guide in order to know the ins and outs of buying activity tables.

Let’s have a look at the important points before buying any activity table for your baby.
Here is the list of key points to consider:

1. Quality:

Not to speak of buying baby activity tables, it is the commonest factor that is taken into account while buying even the cheapest of the things.

Thus, the quality of any product you purchase is by no means ignore-able. Well, when it comes to buying baby activity tables, you should consider following points:

a. The quality of plastic used to manufacture the activity tables.
b. The quality of material that is used to manufacture activity center and allied toys.
c. The quality of material used to manufacture the legs of activity tables.

2. Durability

The durability of activity tables depends on the quality of material used to manufacture them. Other than that, it also depends on the way you use them.

However, you should assess their durability by placing some weight on them and by detaching their legs and activity centers. That’s how you will get first-hand knowledge regarding their durability.

3. Height/Size

The height of the activity tables should also be taken into account. As every baby is unique in terms of growth rate—particularly in its height, so the same activity table cannot work well for every baby.

Moreover, the baby keeps on growing while the activity tables cannot. Therefore, it is recommended to buy the activity table that is suitable for the height of your baby.

4. Usefulness

Tables cannot be named activity tables unless they are equipped with useful features. The useful features such as activity centers, toys, buttons, alphabets, sounds etc add greatly to the overall utility of the activity tables.

5. Comfort

This factor is associated with synchronization of the height of baby and that of the activity tables. If the height of your baby and that of the activity table is not in harmony, your baby will face inconvenience in enjoy the fascinating features of activity centers in two ways.

On the one hand, baby will not reach the activity center in case the height is greater. On the other hand, baby will have to lean on the activity table in case the height is lesser. Therefore, you are advised to purchase the one with proper height.

6. Safety

Normally, activity tables are safe but you have to make sure whether they are safe or not. You have to assess them by means of following points:

a. You need to assess the balance of legs.
b. You need to purchase the one that has at least 4 legs.
c. You need to find out if activity center has any sharp edges or nooks.
d. You need to confirm whether the activity center is detachable or not. Detachable activity centers can be placed on the floor for maximum safety of the baby.

7. Entertaining features and power supplying means:

Last but not least, the engaging features of activity tables are what that makes them activity tables.

Therefore, you need to check out that what type of toys, instruments, language learning options, pretend devices and dazzling lights the activity centre of a baby activity table possesses.

In addition to that, you should also assess the power supplying means such as batteries of the activity tables. It is recommended that batteries have to be durable, rechargeable and changeable.

Concluding remarks:

After going through aforementioned buying guide for baby activity tables, you can easily make the best of the purchases.

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