Best Baby Helmets 2021: [ Infants Safety Toddlers Helmets Comparison ]

Top Pick

Thudguard Infant Protective Hat

Thudguard Infant Protective Hat


  • The tested protective foam to absorb the severity of bumps and thuds.
  • Promotes early Cycle Helmets Wearing Habit
  • Breathable & Comfortable
  • Fit Perfect
Best Quality Value

Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet

Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet


  • Protective Gear for Kids learning to walk.
  • For baby ages 2-60 months
  • adopting demountable ixpe lining for better shock absorption
  • Soft, lightweight, sweat absorbent cotton material.
Best on Budget

Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet

Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet


  • Super light, Shock resistant mesh material.
  • With demountable and moveable visor,
  • Magic tap ensures head safety.
  • Fit between ages 8-60 months


Baby safety is the prime concern when you see your kid crawling and trying to walk. The safety gears including baby safety helmets are the prioritized choice of happy parents to ensure kid safety from accidental injury or harm to the baby.

Babies are dynamic for they are always alive and kicking. Once they learn to stand up, they try to take baby steps towards any direction of their liking. And, when they start walking, they love not only roaming here and there but also exploring the unexplored areas of their houses.

However, that exploration doesn’t always come handy for the kids; they encounter different objects (curved tables, edgy chairs and concrete walls and surfaces) in the house, and unknowingly smash their heads with them, stumble out of imbalance and end up receiving serious bodily injuries.

In fact, these injuries seem normal prima facie but may have some long lasting health impacts in future. Therefore, when it comes to the safety of babies, parents should take every effort to protect their little ones.

Moreover, when it comes to the safety of babies’ noggins, parents must pay extra attention to safeguard them against unexpected thuds and blows. Truly, it is a proven fact that the brain is the central processing unit of human beings; it controls and manages every activity in our body.

Since we cannot curtail the freedom of our babies, we can equip them with some protective stuff to mitigate if not eliminate the impacts of head injuries.

Fortunately, we have an impressive product, baby safety helmet, to save babies from potential head injuries. These safety helmets provide excellent head safety because they are manufactured with soft, flexible and cushy fabric and rubber.

Best Recommended Baby Safety Helmets to Buy in 2021 | Researched Reviews & Buying Guide

Image Product Rating Price
Thudguard Infant/Toddler Hat Thudguard Infant/Toddler Hat


Check Price
Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet


Check Price
Newcomdigi Baby Infant Newcomdigi Baby Infant


Check Price
Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler


Check Price
Huifen Baby Children Infant Helmet Huifen Baby Children Infant Helmet


Check Price
SafeheadBABY Soft Helmet SafeheadBABY Soft Helmet


Check Price

After going through tons of products and user reviews, we have meticulously picked the following small baby safety helmets for your little ones.

You need not search anywhere else because our selection is based on quality material, comfort, durability, weight, size, maintenance, breath-ability and affordability—you must be looking for all that. It is important to note that they are not hard and heavy like the ones that are used for riding bikes.

Conversely, they are specifically designed to protect the heads of babies while wandering inside the houses. The safety of small babies has to be the first and foremost priority of every parent.

Because, they are more prone to receiving minor injuries due to their risky efforts that they unknowingly make to grab things, stand up, take abrupt steps and walk unsteadily.

When they, on their own, indulge in this kind of adventure, they don’t know the consequences of their harmful actions and end up bruising their knees, hands, nose and bumping their delicate heads to anything that comes in their way.

Therefore, it is imperative to pay extra heed to babies at the early stages of their precious lives because their delicate and soft bodies are not strong enough to tackle heavy blows that they receive in the form of injuries.

However, their brains need even more attention for being soft, malleable, loosely shaped and fast growing during initial stages. Every parent must be aware of the importance of early child care.

In case baby’s brain is not taken care of, protected and molded, it will look misshaped and probably perform in a dull way. Therefore, to protect this most precious part of your child’s body, you can use small baby safety helmets.

These safety helmets provide protection to the brain, reshape its outlook, and give your baby a sense of confidence to take its head up and move with carefree demeanor.

1. Thudguard Infant/Toddler Protective Safety Hat [ Stretchable, Injury Proof & Lightweight ]

If you want a comfortable, stretchable, ventilating, soft, injury-proof and extremely lightweight baby helmet, there is no better option than Thudguard Infant/Toddler Protective Safety Hat. Thudguard Infant/Toddler Protective Safety Hat

This ultra-light, adorable and ½ inch thick foamed safety hat is sure to protect your infant from potential head injuries that it might receive during its early baby steps taken on home tiles, hardwood floors, patios or any hard furniture.

Moreover, it comes with round ventilating holes so that the little noggin can breathe well; your munchkin would not feel irritated while wearing this dog-eared safety hat.

Keeping in mind the size of your baby’s head, you can stretch this adjustable helmet from a circumference of 16 inches to 20 inches. Its elastic chinstrap makes it fit on the multi-sized heads of babies aging from 7 months to 2+ years.

More significantly, this foamed helmet has been tested with many protective and impact tests, and has proved itself to be an excellent guard against severe thuds and bumps. So, don’t worry at all, because the little noggin of your baby is well-protected in this safest possible helmet.

Lastly, Thudguard Infant/Toddler Protective Safety Hat caresses your toddler’s head and avoids excessive pressure on the developing neck muscles of your baby.

  • Comfy, adjustable, ventilating and injury-proof.
  • Fits multi-sized noggins with the help of adjustable chinstrap.
  • Impact and safety tested.
  • Ideal guard against thuds and bumps.
  • Made with ultra-lightweight material.
  • Slightly big for a seven-month baby, but can be adjusted with chinstrap.
  • Lacks attachable visor.

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Final thought

On the whole, this is a fine baby product to address all the head protecting concerns of the toddlers.Because of being comfy, light-weight, adjustable, ventilating and injury-proof, it’s recommended to all the parents.

2. Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet [ Best for Standing, Crawling & Walking Baby ]

If you have a super active kid who loves crawling, standing and walking, you should equip him with Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet to protect his noggin from potential bumps and bruises. Newcomdigi Baby Infant Head Helmet, best baby safety helmet

The best thing about this life-saver baby safety helmet is that it’s prepared with ultra-lightweight, very soft, sweat-absorbent, non-toxic, BPA free and pure cotton—that’s what makes it feather-weight, very comfortable to wear and reliable guard against shocks, bumps, and collisions.

Moreover, it features an adjustable Velcro closure and chinstrap, and fits well on 43cm to 55cm circumferential heads of 2 to 60 months old babies—intended for longer use.

You can take this product with your kid because it’s equally useful for indoor and outdoor. But remember! It’s not sturdy to face major blows, hence not suitable for bike riding.

Another key feature that makes it worth having is its moveable and detachable visor. Whenever your toddler is touch the ground out of stumble or falter, its moveable visor comes to the rescue by inclining towards the face and providing efficient protection to its soft face.

Last but not the least, in case you don’t like the product, the manufacturer promises money back guarantee within 30 days of its purchase.

  • Lightweight, sweat-absorbent, non-toxic, BPA free and odorless material.
  • Moveable and de-mountable visor to protect baby’s soft face.
  • Adjustable Velcro closure and chinstrap to fit multiple head sizes.
  • Shock absorption, impact resistance, brilliant breath-ability.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • Some kids are too smart to take it off easily.
  • Parents’ supervision is needed when babies remove it.

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Final thought

A highly useful baby safety helmet. Made of soft, light, sweat-absorbent and non-toxic material. Ensures the protection of head and face, offers complete noggin breath-ability. Comes with money back guarantee. Recommended for crawling and walking babies.

3. Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet [ Best adjustable Choice ]

Are you looking for a safety helmet that your baby can easily use from 8 months to 60 months? If your answer is in the affirmative, you must give Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet a go. Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet Children Headguard Infant Protective Harnesses Cap Gray, best baby safety helmet

It is meticulously manufactured with super lightweight, soft, non toxic, odorless and comfy material—that further makes it highly dependable when it comes to impact resistance, shock absorption, comfort, wear-abiltiy and breath-ability.

Additionally, it features five delightful colors—gray, orange, blue, beige and colorful—offers you multiple options to pick from.

The best thing about this product is that it provides 360 degree protection to baby’s head.

It covers the entire head of 43 to 56 cm circumference with its adjustable chin strap. Moreover, its uniform ventilation strip provides adequate air to the brain.

Apart from the safety of baby’s noggin, it provides the same protection to baby’s face with the help of a moveable visor, that gets inclined when your baby is to hit the ground—that’s incredibly cool.

Finally, with all its comfortableness, wear-ability, adjust-ability, breath-ability and protection features, this ELENKER Baby Adjustable Safety Helmet becomes a fine choice of the majority of parents.

  • Comfortable, adjustable, sweat-absorbing, ventilating and injury-proof.
  • Soft, lightweight, odorless and harmless material.
  • Provides overall all head and face protection.
  • Comes in 5 different delightful colors.
  • Washable and intended for longer use.
  • A bit larger for small babies but can fit well as soon as they grow bigger.
  • Not suitable for bike riding or cycling.

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Final thought

Recommended for those parents who cannot keep an eye on their active-cum-exploring kids continuously—the parents might have something more important to attend to.

This comfortable and cute safety helmet reduces, if not eradicate, the risk of serious head injuries that the babies might receive when left unattended.

4. Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet [ Affordable & highly Protective ]

Are you worried about your kid’s repeated bumping head to different things during his walk?
Are you looking for a simple yet highly protective cover for your baby’s noggin? Simplicity Baby Infant Toddler No Bumps Safety Helmet

If yes, you have landed on the right spot because this safety helmet will guard your infant’s head against multiple bumps and collisions that might, otherwise, prove to be brain damaging for your kid.

This helmet has been designed with soft and light material so that it can face bumps, absorb shock and reduce impact.

Its outer layer is cotton-made, whereas its filled-in layer is spongy, elastic and odorless. Anyways, it is comfortable and cute to say the least.

On the whole, this simple safety helmet offers complete breath-ability, ideal protection and dashing look while being on the head of your baby. Its head cushion provides superb safety whenever your baby collides with solid objects, falls out of stumble on the hard floor or falters after taking small steps.

Moreover, it comes with bumper bonnet that is specially designed to offer anti-friction, anti-knock, cushioning effect, reduced shock and ultimately prevent any potential head injuries.

With its Velcro control, cotton belts and 18 to 22 inches circumference coverage, you can easily adjust it according to the size of your baby’s head. Last but not the least you can wash it with water and simple soap. It will not get deformed after repeated washings.

  • It’s second to none in terms of safety.
  • Light weight, comfortable, breathable and durable.
  • Bumper bonnet provides additional forehead safety.
  • Adjust ability measures between 18 inches to 22 inches circumference.
  • Hand washable.
  • Its top has large holes but they don’t compromise head safety.
  • Certain babies take some time to bear this on their head.

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Final thought

If we talk about simplicity, head safety, breath-ability, comfort, adjust-ability and wash-ability, this product is a must have. It will surely prove life-saver for your baby’s noggin.

5. Huifen Baby Children Infant Toddler Adjustable Safety Helmet [ Best for Indoor & Outdoor ]

If you have been searching for a safety helmet that can be used both indoor and outdoor, there is no other option than Huifen’s Adjustable Safety Helmet. Huifen Baby Children Infant Toddler Adjustable Safety Helmet, best baby safety helmet

This adorable safety helmet is cotton-filled, cotton lined, IXPE seismic foaming material stuffed and lightweight; and it’s best for those babies who are just learning to crawl, stand up and walk.

It’s also useful for those kids who like to go out with their parents—however—not recommended for biking or cycling because it’s very soft, not hard.

The best thing about this helmet is that it offers 360 degree protection to child’s noggin and is adjustable to the head that expands from 43 cm to 56 cm circumference.

Moreover, its Velcro and chin straps are the deal-makers. They make the helmet suitable for the kids aging 8 months to 2 years or more. Other than that, it has enough opening holes to offer fine breath-ability to the head and keep it cool and less irritable. You can also adjust its width and depth by just tightening or loosening Velcro and chin straps.

On the whole, this safety helmet functions as a damping and cushioning, and prevents baby’s head from getting injured by bumps and collisions. It is safe as house to say the least.

  • It guarantees 360 degree safety.
  • Adjustable with the help of Velcro and chin straps.
  • Fine breath-ability prevents head sweating and overheating.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Some prodigies take it off easily.
  • Slightly thin layers.

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Final thought

This is an awesome safety helmet for outgoing kids. It offers all the much needed safety features to neutralize bumps and collisions. It’s suitable for 8 months to 24 months old kids.

6. Safehead BABY Soft Helmet [ Flexible & Ultra Lightweight ]

The multi-award winning Safe head BABY safety helmets are known for their quality, comfort, flexibility, adjust-ability, breath-ability, safety and ultra-light weight, and this one is no exception.SafeheadBABY Soft Helmet for Babies Learning to Walk - Mushroom Mint, baby safety helmets

This soft and flexible helmet, with strategic padding placement, exerts no pressure on the developing head and neck muscles of your kid, and offers maximum safety, complete comfort and much needed freedom to him while exploring things at his will.

Being an ultra lightweight helmet, it weighs no more than 100g. Whenever your toddler wears it, he will not get irritated at all.

Moreover, it is adjustable and can be expanded from 40 to 52 cm—that’s what makes it suitable for different head sizes.

All you have to do is to fix its Velcro chin strap and adjust its position on the heads of the kids that age from 7 months to 2 years. Other than that, its superior air flow, through 30+ vents and breathable cotton lining, makes it sweat-resistant, cool and comfortable for the wearer. Lastly, although it doesn’t come with bulky design but provides 360 degree coverage with ample visibility to see the things all around.

  • Tested and certified —award winning.
  • Flexible, soft, adjustable and expandable.
  • 30+ airflow vents offer ideal breath-ability.
  • Ultra lightweight with less than 100g.
  • Provides ample visibility.
  • Babies can remove it.
  • No moveable visor.

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Final thought

Recommended for those parents who wish to buy a tested and certified product. It offers safety, comfort and freedom to your baby so that it can swagger across each corner of the house independently.

Need of Baby Safety Helmets?

One might wonder why safety helmets are necessary for baby while learning to walk?

The safety helmets are necessary for the babies (who are learning to walk) for two significant reasons. These reasons are given here under:

1. They ensure the safety of the most important part of human body—the brain.

Have you ever pondered that why nature has encapsulated human mind inside one of the strongest bones—the skull? The reason of it is very obvious; it is just because the internal part of the brain is exceedingly delicate and unrecoverable if damaged.

Moreover, the brain performs multifarious bodily functions which may get disturbed if the brain gets injured. However, during the initial years of infancy, the skull is not as strong as it is during the teenage or beyond.

Therefore, it is imperative to provide an additional layer of protection to the brain. Luckily, the safety helmets cater that need to the full and prevent the brain from potential head injuries.

2. They keep ears, face, forehead and nose safe from bruises

The safety baby helmets save not only the heads of babies but also other parts of the head such as ears, face, forehead and nose. They are designed to cover head as well as other allied areas of the head. In case a baby stumbles and falls, the safety helmet saves him/her from getting his/her facial parts bruised.

Pros & Cons of Safety Helmets

To use safety helmets are beneficial for your babies in a host of ways. And, not to use them probably have few reasons hence you can ignore them.

Let’s have a look at the pros of safety helmets:

  • They protect the delicate noggins of babies.
  • They protect the ears, face, nose and forehead from bruises.
  • They keep the head in shape and prevent it from getting deformed.
  • They reduce the stress of parents since their babies are secure.
  • They have large ventilation holes to offer enough breath ability.
  • They are as light as feathers and don’t bother babies as long as they are on the head.
  • They come with chin straps to fix well on any small head.
  • Some of them feature adjustable visors to protect forehead and face instantly.

Cons of safety helmets:

  • They are easily removable from heads, and some babies do it often.
  • They are not suitable for biking or cycling.

Best Baby Safety Helmet Buyer’s Guide 2021

  • How to choose the best safety helmet for your baby?
  • What factors should you take into account before making final decision?
  • Are you confused to pick a perfect safety helmet among several options?

Don’t you worry! In this buying guide we are to solve these confusing questions; discuss the most important aspects of purchasing perfect product and ultimately equip you with proper knowledge to make the best possible pick.

So, you are requested to go through this guide before you make any hasty purchase and regret afterwards. By now you might have searched various safety helmets on the market or internet, but have not been able to make a purchase as yet. The hitch in purchase might be the result of less honest information on the product or your apprehension to make a worthless purchase.

To provide you honest possible information and covert your apprehension into confidence, we have compiled one of the most helpful buying guides ever published on the baby safety helmets. Without much ado, let’s dive into it straightaway.

Points to Consider

Following are the recommended points to consider before buying a best baby helmet

1. The Quality of Material

The first thing that matters the most is quality material. A product made of substandard material is not suitable for baby. It neither provides safety nor offers breath-ability to baby’s noggin.

In contrast, the quality material used in safety helmet resists shocks, faces severe bumps and thuds and ultimately guarantees safety, breath-ability, comfort and durability.

How to distinguish between good and bad qualities of material used in safety helmets?

Qualitative material: 100% cotton, soft, thick, foamed IXPE, non-toxic and odorless.
Substandard material: Plastic, thin, non-foamed, toxic and smelly.

2. Size and Adjust ability

Size is the second significant aspect that you must take into account while buying a safety helmet. As we all know that every kid is different from the other so does the size of a brain. It’s not possible that a single safety helmet can fit exactly well on the multi-sized heads of babies.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to measure the circumference of your baby’s head and then go for purchase. Otherwise, you end up purchasing either a tight helmet or a loose one that will not do the desired job for your baby.

A perfectly fit safety helmet provides 360 degree coverage to baby’s head; it also protects forehead and ears of your delicate baby. As for as adjust-ability is concerned, you can find some top brands claiming to manufacture helmets that fit multiple sizes.

Their claim is based on the additional support provided by Velcro and chin straps. Velcro and chin straps help to fix the safety helmet properly.

3. Safety tested and certified

You might be thinking that why we have listed the most prioritized aspect, safety, at third. The reason is quite simple. Without quality material and befitting size of helmet, safety seems to be a distant dream.

By the way, you must pick a safety helmet that has passed various safety tests conducted by trustworthy bodies like Consumer Product Safety Commission and been certified with safety certificates and won safety awards.

Safety certificates build a sense of trust in the products, and help you make your decisions judiciously. We also recommend you to pick reliable and certified products because you won’t regret after purchasing them.

4. Overall Weight

The weight of safety helmets is another important aspect that requires your attention. Babies are not strong enough to bear the burden of heavy helmets. They are delicate and feeble. They need lightweight helmets that provide desired safety.

Moreover, the heavy helmets exert excessive pressure on the developing nerves and neck muscles of your baby. Therefore, it is recommended by many child growth experts to buy as lightweight safety helmet as possible.

5. Proper Breath-ability

Similar to our lungs, the brain needs airflow to sustain and grow properly. If you mistakenly purchase a helmet with less breath-ability support, your kid’s noggin will be filled with sweat instantly. Moreover, it will cause irritation, bad sore on his head or deteriorate baby’s mood if left for longer period.

Therefore, you are recommended to buy a safety helmet that comes with wide holes and small pores to maintain a proper airflow to the head. Additionally, go for the products that offer sweat-absorbing, sweat-resisting and evaporating features.

6. Complete Comfort

Comfort of your baby cannot be compromised at any cost. Because of having fragile and delicate head, your baby needs soft, cushy and comfortable safety helmet. Moreover, the straps of helmet should easily be adjustable around the neck; they must not bother your baby at all.

Otherwise, your kid will get irritated and won’t like wearing it in future. So, you are advised to choose soft, foam-based, fit, lightweight and breathable one.

7. Hygiene

Babies are at their best when they make the mess of things. Whereas, parents are at their best when they easily clean the mess made by their children.

Now you might have got our point that babies will make the mess of the helmet, and it’s you who will have to clean and make it ready for the reuse.

If you leave the helmet in filthy condition, it will catch harmful germs. So, you have to select a safety helmet that can be washed with water and anti-germ soap. Moreover, it should not get deformed after repeated wash.

8. Affordability

Last but not the least, you might come across multiple safety helmets that offer less features but cost more money. So, to save your precious money and purchase the best safety helmet with all the desired features, you may have a look at our list of the best baby safety helmets.

Here is a checklist of our recommendations. JUST TICK IT AND BUY FOR YOUR BABY!

Buying Tips Checklist
a. The quality of material should be par excellence; soft, thick, foam-based, 100% cotton.
b. The size of safety helmet should fit the head of your baby; neither loose nor tight.
c. Tested and certified with safety. d. It should be ultra lightweight; should not harm the growing neck muscle of baby.
e. It should support fine breath-ability; no excessive sweat means no irritation or discomfort on head.
f. It should be comfortable; soft, cushy, light and full of airflow.
g. It should be washable with water and soap; hygiene is the most important aspect for baby.
h. It must not cost too much; budget-friendly and offer above-mentioned features



In nutshell, picking an ideal baby safety helmet out of a host of other similar products is unquestionably an arduous task for the parents.

However, having the aforementioned list in mind/hand one can easily purchase the best safety helmet for his baby. best safety helmets for walking & Crawling baby

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