7 Best Wii U Games For Kids | The Definite Guide to Kids Gaming

Ever wonder how super best wii U games can bring for you? The gaming in moderation is, in fact, the part of healthy baby upbringing. The best wiiu video games can make your baby mentally active as a big brain boy

The Wii learning games by Nintendo have been designed as per the suitability of baby age. e.g few games are super best for baby, others are 3-5 years old,
4-6 years, 11 years adult boys etc.

7 Best Wii U Games For Kids Reviewed

Product Name Quick Features Price
Mario Kart 8 Mario Kart 8
  • Proper battle mode.
  • Multiplayer options.
  • You can customize the kart.
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Just Dance 2020 Just Dance 2020
  • Kid-friendly songs.
  • Fun party game.
  • Created by choreographers for kids
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The Legend of Zelda: The Legend of Zelda:
  • Fun and varied combat
  • Weapons durability.
  • Spot on gameplay.
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New Super Mario Bros. U New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Improvised version of its predecessor.
  • Best platform running game.
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Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Bros.
  • Amazing gameplay.
  • Customization options.
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Splatoon Splatoon
  • Third person shooting game.
  • Colorful features.
  • 4 on 4 action shooter.
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Minecraft: Wii U Edition Minecraft: Wii U Edition
  • Educational as well as fun game.
  • Best to enhance creative skills.
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Forget I-pad or I-phone for your kid.The best way to make your child happy and innovative is to buy him a Wii u.

You can engage your kid in an useful hobby and this game is for sure the best thing to improve his mental skills as well as interest.

Most of you might be familiar Nintendo wii. Even,I still have one.That home video game console developed by Nintendo is now back with more advance Wii u.

It is the first Eight generation video game console and it is heavily praised for its improved functions and innovative game-pad controllers.

The best about this Wii u is that it has so many games vibrant with colors which engage attention .Your kid can literally have hours of fun with a wii which does not even cost much.

With this in mind, I recommend some games which are even in my favorite list.If you are looking for some good Wii u games for your kid, here are some of the best options that even I have played my brother.

1. Mario Kart 8 – Nintendo Wii U

It is a multiplayer game and a great way for you to connect with your kid and have fun with him while racing.

With over 30 places to choose from and 29 characters ,this game has the most iconic video game characters. It is one of the best Wii u games you can buy to engage your kid in.

Best WII U Games For Kids 2020

You get a wheel shaped holder for Wii controllers which make the driving experience more realistic.It gets tough and competitive to win especially when the opponent puts ink on your screen or zaps you with the lightning .

The best part about this game in my opinion is that it is not a violent game and not very inappropriate .

The excitement level increases as soon as you unlock many new characters ,trophies and accessories.

Each character has a unique set of animations while jumping and after finishing the race.

Even if you are last in the race, you still do not need to get disappointed because the game gives you one of the best speed boost ups to win the race.

You kid can actually race with his friends or cousins locally or online and can also share videos of his achievements with friends via Mario kart tv feature. My favorite features include gliders, underwater racing ,and mid air tricks.

It is very easy to navigate the course and drive smoothly to cross your opponents and finish the race without getting bored.The maps are so detailed, music is very catchy and the graphics are fantastic .

New battle modes make the game more epic.This game never gets boring and the best way to have a healthy and fun relationship with your kid.I would say that it is a must buy to surprise your kid.

 2. Just Dance 2021 – Nintendo Wii Standard Edition

If you are looking for a fun party game for your kid then Just Dance 2002 is a must have.

There are hundred reasons to play and hundred stories to be created for your kid with just dance 2021.

It is the latest and advanced version of world’s no.1 dance game which is created by choreographers.

Best WII U Games For Kids 2020, Just Dance 2020 - Nintendo Wii Standard Edition

It includes rhythms which challenge your kid to follow the moves of on screen dancers.

You just place a camera or sensor above the television and this will monitor your movement and awards you score depending on how well you matched the steps with the dancers.

The video quality ,super creative backgrounds and amazing choreography makes it even better.You will not regret buying this for your kid.

You can also play with or against your kid to have a fun competition.All the dance games are super fun and exciting .

It includes 40 pop songs ,old and new and you can also buy additional songs as downloadable content.

It also includes kid’s favorites like Baby Shark so your kid will want to join in and jump around.There are 8 songs in kid’s playlist and there is also a update of frozen song addition.

A free one month trial is also included when you purchase any version of the game.It has no negative stuff and even you will love and enjoy this game with your kid.

It is extremely fun and also a convenient way to exercise for your kid.It is undeniably a fun and amusing game.

3. The Legend of Zelda

The legend of Zelda is hands down the best Wii u game for your kid.This game is made with so much creativity that will leave you and your kid surprised.

It is based on a knight who must defeat an evil by fighting many monsters in the way. It also includes solving various puzzles and helping the strangers on his way.

In the beginning, player can swim in any lake, pick up any sword ,axes and can cross any pit.This game is mostly focused on exploration and your survival .

The knight has to kill and cook his own food to ensure his survival and cross shrines while solving puzzles.

There are 100 shrines which reward the players ‘spirit bars’ to earn increased stamina bar.This game enhances kid’s mental skills and ability to cope with situations.

The graphics are excellent , sound track is amazing and game-play is spot on.This game has also received game of the year buzz which it totally deserves and broke a lot of records in gaming history.This game is absolutely incredible, you should just believe the hype.

I will not spoil the main twist but the plot is epic enough to hold your attention on your exploration of Hyrule.

This game is best for kids who love to explore and love solving puzzles.The best thing is that there are multiple solutions to hundreds of dynamic problems.This is a must have and you will not regret buying this game for your kid.

4. New Super Mario Bros. U

New super Mario bros.u is an old fashioned game including running and jumping. All your kid got to do is to run and jump while avoiding the pits of fire and spikes on its way.

Also, In multiplayer game each kid will need his own Wii remote. The levels are more fun, bright in colors and the instructions are pretty easy.

Best WII U Games For Kids 2020

You just pick your preferred character and then number of players that are playing. At a given time, up to four players can use Wii remotes to run around. Then you get an introduction in the form of short video.

I always appreciate Nintendo for creating new experiences out of old rags.This game has more advanced levels than the previous ones.You have to rescue princess peach and face the challenges along the way.

It may look like a simple platform game but the levels are feature rich and each time you play through a level, you discover something new.

There is an incredible amount of 164 secret filled courses with extra modes which are very interesting to play.

You can play it on big screen or small screen .The plus point is that if your kids want to play it and you have to watch something else on TV then they can keep the game running on the game-pad screen without even the need to restart the game.

In my opinion ,if your kid is a fan of platform running games then this is worth buying because as a whole ,it is a highly enjoyable platforming package.

5. Super Smash Bros. – Nintendo 3DS 

It is a battle between Nintendo’s most popular characters as well as other characters like pac-man , sonic the hedgehog or Pikachu.

For new comers and beginners, this is the perfect introduction to the series .Also,the story mode and spirit battles are a perfect mix of challenges for players.New characters and items have been added which add an epic look.

Best WII U Games For Kids 2020, Super Smash Bros. - Nintendo 3DS 

Each characters has its own unique abilities and powers to fight their opponent .You can easily play this game with your kid as this game can accommodate at least 4 players.

There are also mini games for kids as well.This game is very easy to pick up and play.It is better than the older version and also has many graphics.

It is undeniably a fun game with tons of modes and the new style of effects and colors add another layer of charm to this game.

The stage design,music, characters and the interface makes it more exciting and fun.

The game looks fantastic even in portable mode so anywhere you go, you can build your character.

The game is fun to play with people in your friend list but it is also possible to play online against strangers.

When you have 4 players against 4 computer players, then things quite get interesting and the game gets very competitive.

This game is a masterpiece and your little one is going to enjoy this game.After all, it is a must have for all the smash fans.

6- Splatoon

It is a very cartoon-ish and colorful third person shooter game which your kid is definitely going to love .

Splatoon was released in 2015 and has received positive response for its colorful design.

It is also a multiplayer game in which eight players are divided into two teams of four.It has a lot of features including maps in rotation ,customization of your squid kid.

The single player mode is more fun and teaches how to effectively play the game if you are new

It might not be perfect but your kid is going to have a blast playing this.In this game players can use paint guns and bombs to target their enemies who then appear back into game after re-spawn. It is possible to compete on television as well as handheld mode.

Best WII U Games For Baby

The actual mission of this game is to paint as much floor in your color as possible and not being splatted by the opponent who is trying to do the same.It has bundles of weapons and gears to choose from .

It is not a violent game at all, no negative stuff, just color fun and splashing.Even you are going to love this game.

I would strongly suggest you to give this game a shot if your kid is a fan of third person shooting games.

This is the best shooting game in my opinion .One of my favorite fun thing in this game the turf war and you feel like you are in an adventure.It is a great game for your kid that could handle the experience.

7. Minecraft: Wii U Edition – Wii U Standard Edition

If your kid is someone who wants a gaming experience with heroes fighting villains then this game is perfect for your kid.

It is an adventurous and most popular kid’s game.It is a massive multiplayer online game which is all about placing blocks and going on adventures in which players enter an online world and play games with other players from around the world.

It is a very interesting game in which you can explore random generated worlds and also build amazing things from small homes to grand castles .

MineCraft WII, Best WII U Games

The game is pretty simple to play but gets complicated when it comes to building complex structures.

It offers survival and adventure modes with players fighting evils and trying to maintain their homelands.

This educational game enhances creativity ,problem solving and self direction in your kid .It gives kids creativity freedom and teaches patience.

Also, it is free of any graphic violence .The epic part is that even schools are using this game now as a teaching tool as this game teaches architecture ,city planning, social skills , mathematics , map reading and so much more. You can also adjust the game in control settings.

Being fun and educational, Mine craft is easily in my list of best video games.Once you learn the game, it is very easy to play this game and definitely going to keep your kid occupied and entertained for hours.


Choosing best and entertaining games for kids is always a difficult decision for parents.

However, I hope,with the best features of the games I have shared will help you to choose best game option for your kid.

Just make sure to choose appropriate games for your kid which even help him in learning and developing mental skills.


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