Joovy Spoon Baby Walker Review | 5 Reasons Why Joovy is the Best ?

Have you planned to get the Joovy spoon for your baby and are, in a search, to read more review, buyers feedback & practical words to settle whether Joovy Spoon baby walker can be a wonderful choice for your baby?

Yes! let me assure you, Joovy is indeed the versatile, well made, simple, sleek, safety guaranteed, durable & multi- functional baby walker. Further, we have given our detailed review about Joovy Spoon Baby Walker, Features, Pros & Cons, Few minor Joovy Issues & reasons why Joovy is best on the list..

Joovy Spoon Baby Walker Review | Product Features,  Benefits & Expert Recommendations

When it comes to buying a walker for your child, you look for functionality and stability in a walker. So, here is a decent yet functional walker for your baby worth giving a shot and you can guess why by reading its ideal features.

In fact, the joovy walkers, red, purple, greenie, charcoal and others on the list, are indeed the well made baby walkers. Joovy spoon walker is a multi-functional chair which can be used as a walker and also a place for your baby to sit ,eat or play.

This walker gives significant amount of Independence to your children to walk and maintain balance. It is very easy to assemble this walker , just take it out of the box and adjust it without any additional tools ,just the seats needs to be attached.

The seat is made up of high grade material to withstand machine washing. It is so easy to wipe out, you can just take out the removable insert tray and wash it directly. It can support babies up to 30 pounds and with three different height adjustments , you can make sure that your baby’s feet are touching the ground.

You can also fold it flat for easy storage and transportation. This walker has been designed by keeping in view the comfort of children and that is why this walker features non slip pads and oversized wheels to prevent them from falling and promote easy walking. This walker has a great mobility and works beautifully.

Features of Joovy Spoon

  • 2 in 1 walker , you can use it as a walker and high chair.
  • Three different height positions which are easy to adjust.
  • Carries maximum child weight up to 30 pounds and maximum height up to 33.5 inches.
  • Non-slip stair pads to save your baby from falling down the stairs.
  • Removable insert.
  • Available in 4 vibrant colors : purple, green, charcoal and blueberry.

Joovy Spoon Walker, Pros & Cons

Joovy Spoon Walker, Adjustable Baby Walker, Activity Center, Charcoal
9.9/10 Our Score


  • The super-sized tray has a removable insert which is dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Multiple height positions.


  • No toys attached with this walker.
  • Wheels do not lock.

Why Joovy is Best Baby Walker in 2021?

  1. The tray is very large and you can set a bunch of toys on it to provide your baby a lot of entertainment.
  2. There will be no mess, no fuss which means that your children can easily eat their meals in it after which you can easily wash the tray.
  3. It is manufactured from non-toxic materials so it is completely safe for your kid. With this product, your baby can play with whichever particular toy he/she wants to add on tray any given time and you can change the toys when baby gets bored of same toys.
  4. It has multiple heights for a growing baby. Also, the non-slipping pads are added in this walker for protection if your baby is heading towards stairs.
  5. This walker has great mobility and your baby is going to love it.

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Major Recommendations; Where Joovy is Best For

Joovy has been ideally recommended for following purposes;

  1. Best all purpose Baby walker learning to walk
  2. Best Carpet Baby Walker
  3. Best hardwood Baby walker

Few Minor Issues with Joovy Spoon Baby Walker

During our intense research on Joovy, the following minor issues were found while using it.

1. No Toys

This walker does not include any toys attached to it. Some users complaint that as this walker does not have attached toys so they have to put toys on the tray and the baby keeps knocking the toys off again and again.

2. The Wheels

Only a few users complaint that the wheels do not move well on carpets with long pile as they do on hardwood floors.

Final Words

Our Choice

Expert Opinion

I personally like this product because of its traditional design. Even with no toys and extra additional features, this product is still liked by majority parents.

The main thing is that it has a very compact design so it will be easy for you to carry it around. You can easily fold it by removing the pad inside the seat for transportation.

Also, the plastic tray is removable so you can remove it for dishwasher cleaning and snap it back on easily. In terms of stability, mobility and strength , this walker is an ideal option for all the parents. It has a very simple but eye catching design and when it comes to safety ,this walker has a very wide base to protect your baby from crashing into objects.

Considering all these factors, it is a very easy decision for me to say that you will not regret buying this product and it is a good value for money.

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